Commit c6c8c6d8 authored by hadret's avatar hadret

feat: ranger switch to use atom, fork & iTerm2 image previews.

parent de27be32
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ set vcs_backend_hg disabled
set vcs_backend_bzr disabled
# Use one of the supported image preview protocols
set preview_images false
set preview_images true
# Set the preview image method. Supported methods:
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ set preview_images false
set preview_images_method iterm2
# Use a unicode "..." character to mark cut-off filenames?
set unicode_ellipsis false
set unicode_ellipsis true
# Show dotfiles in the bookmark preview box?
set show_hidden_bookmarks true
......@@ -294,12 +294,13 @@ map uV toggle_visual_mode reverse=True
# For the nostalgics: Midnight Commander bindings
map <F1> help
map <F3> display_file
map <F4> edit
map <F3> open_with atom
map <F4> open_with atom .
map <F5> copy
map <F6> cut
map <F7> console mkdir%space
map <F8> console delete
map <F9> open_with fork
map <F10> exit
# In case you work on a keyboard with dvorak layout
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